What we do behind the scenes

First and foremost, we are Storytellers. To tell your stories, we want and need your input. Then we must also be experts in various fields such as Video Editing, Photoshop, Audio, Voiceover, Sound Effects, Cinema Scores & Music and Creativity.
So a lot goes on Backstage. While you and your fantastic Crew capture special moments with our App, we are hard at work, cleaning things up, so to speak.
We enhance them or straighten them; we color correct, crop and organize them. We convert videos to common format, set audio levels, and start gathering appropriate musical selections and sound effects.
Then we lay all the items out like a puzzle, and begin putting the pieces together based on the Screenplay we write together (or not).
On these pages you can read, see and hear just a sampling of the makeover treatment we offer for your media for Homemade Hollywood Movies, for your personal photo collection, or both.
Have a look around our studio... and don't be afraid to click!

Slideshows - Funerals - Movie Productions - A/V Displays - Birthday - Anniversary - Reunion - A Life Story - Vacation


Homemade Hollywood.

The way your Stories should be told.

Don't forget: Dashcam and Drone video make great additions to your Movies!

Don't forget: Green Screens help create Special Effects. We'll help you!

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Besides the obvious ways we can help you, such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals, Reunions or Vacations...
Consider these as well

Let us make a Video Business card to share via email or on your Website. We will describe your operation, but better yet, get you noticed.

Or set a tablet next to your register to generate sales while your customer's adrenaline rush is active!

Maybe your Restaurant needs a Video Menu!

Music Videos

Give us your recording and footage. We can help with Green Screen for Special Effects (FX). Then we expertly sync them and create whatever ambiance you wish to project.


Take pictures and short videos while your Clients are making their largest investment. Use Drone footage for the complete Video Tour and greatest effect.. Make it a gift at Closing!