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Welcome to the new standard for capturing your Special Events on video and photo

and a new way of telling your personal stories in a most fantastic way.

Here's how it works:

Download our APP

Answer some basic questions to CREATE a movie

and you are now the DIRECTOR!

A Homemade Hollywood PRODUCER will discuss your budget

And together we write a SCREENPLAY and design unique TAKES

...taking EVENT PLANNING to a whole new level!

INVITE as many people as you like to participate as your FILM CREW.  They open the Homemade Hollywood App whenever taking pics or vids related to your Special Occasion and Homemade Hollywood automatically receives the media.

CREW who opt for Push Notifications receive reminders of scheduled TAKES, and suggestions for sporadic, specific or unique shots designed specifically for your Special Event.

Your CREW is the backbone of our storytelling. They "work" for free, or you may opt to let them pay to participate as a fundraiser! But they are essential to capturing our Trademark Unlimited Perspectives, so encourage their participation. The process is fun, and the outcome is, well, fabulous!

Then our Audio Engineers, Video Editors and Photoshop Experts apply their creative skills and talent to CREATE a MOVIE of your Special Event, that tells your story from planning to clean-up, and that everyone can enjoy for years... indeed generations to come. 

* Weddings, Reunions, Birthdays, Funerals, Vacations, Anniversaries, Unique Gifts, Fundraisers! *

Homemade Hollywood.

Capturing Small Details from the start

to make a Big Difference in the end!

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