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We are Storytellers. Be it restoring a single, treasured vintage photograph, creating a Video Birthday Card, or producing a Hollywood-style movie about a special event in your life, we work with pain-staking detail to ensure your story is told beautifully... and thoroughly.

This requires Creativity and expertise in Video Editing, Photoshop, Audio Engineering, Sound Effects, Music and Cinema Scores. Using them all, we tell
your stories with compassion, humor, suspense - or whatever genre is appropriate to the occasion.
It is considerably more effective (and entertaining!) to demonstrate rather than define what we do. Follows is a little of both.

Funerals - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Reunions - Life Stories  Vacations - Team Events - Movie Productions - A/V Displays

Homemade Hollywood. The way your Stories should be told.


Homemade Hollywood. For moments that matter.


Homemade Hollywood.

Because your pictures are worth a thousand words.


Homemade Hollywood.

Capturing small details from the start, to make a big difference in the end.

And it all culminates in our

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Homemade Hollywood
You make the movies. We make them fabulous!
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