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Safe Travels, Blue Skies!
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 "Setting the Scene"

While the movie samples above provide illustration of our work and creativity, sometimes it helps to know the full story behind what you're watching.

Or we might point out specific edits, or examples where our suggestions were put to use.

Pick a ticket for Info, Details or Fun Facts about that movie.

"Will & Grace Return!"
Two volunteer videographers captured these images and clips with their cell phones at the HRC Atlanta premiere of the new Will & Grace. To be used as a Souvenir to attendees, we worked our magic with amateur media and added some fun themed elements throughout.
What earrings? Dancing alone? Just Jack? Tee-hee! Have a look!
Homemade Hollywood.  There's a story in there somewhere!
"Bridges Crossed"
This is one of our earliest works, but you hear (well, not hear) our expert audio splicing. The song is actually much  longer, as it played on the car radio during a drive across the 7 mile bridge. We "beefed up" the bass and cut it to fit a 2 minute time span of video. This clip was a small part of a much longer Vacation Video. 
It also demonstrates how we took 7 minutes of "nothing exciting" and turned it into 2 minutes of fun. Since the passengers were en route to check off a Bucket List item, we captured the essence of the crossing, the journey, and the destination - while leading into the next chapter of the Vacation Video.
Homemade Hollywood.  You make the movies. We make them fabulous!
"Randy & Friends at the Rooster's Perch"
Randy & Friends helps young adults with disabilities practice skills, learn a trade, find jobs and become productive members of society. One place they show off their skills is The Rooster's Perch coffee shop. We were honored to be asked to provide a Slideshow For an upcoming banquet.
All the pictures were taken with an older model cell phone. We take you on a visual tour of their shop and workrooms, and showcase their talents, skills and personalities.
But Creating a Slideshow wasn't enough. We wanted to participate. So we now provide equipment, training and oversight to utilize their services for Scanning Pictures and Slides, and we're developing a class about making Slideshows. So order from us and help them, too!
Drop by THE ROOSTER'S PERCH in downtown Gainesville, GA., U.S. of A!
Homemade Hollywood.  Because a picture is worth a thousand words.
instructional: Wedding Videos
Homemade Hollywood offers you suggestions for capturing shots you might not otherwise think about. Here, the occasion is a Wedding. The Director will be asked to view this video as part of our process.
Whatever the Event, we provide similar instruction to help you provide us with material that enriches the story.
Homemade Hollywood.
Capturing small details from the start, to make a big difference in the end.
"Sean & Shelby"
Hear we tell the story of a Wedding Day. From arrival of the Bridal Party, to views of the beautiful, country grounds, we capture the essence of the day, and of the service where cameras and phones were asked to be turned off. Their service was interrupted by a train, thus some of our creative sound effects (SFX). Then we mixed down the entertainment and dance party before saying goodnight. The story is told through 15 vignettes.
Homemade Hollywood.  Lasting impressions of your memories.
"The Great Nash  Split"
Junior High School students were split between two High Schools. All pictures supplied to us were cell phone "pictures of pictures" taken from a yearbook. We removed autographs, corrected contrast, reduced glare and improved each photo to help them celebrate their 50th Reunion. The story takes place in Smyrna, GA., known as the Jonquil City, so we added some "floral decor" along with lots of fun and meaningful displays of the student pictures.
local singer/songwriter Pat Terry performs "Where Dreams and Jonquils Grow" (licensed and used by permission). Homemade Hollywood sends Best Wishes to the Campbell and Wills Classes of '69 !
Homemade Hollywood.  When there is a story worth telling.
"Day of Deceit!"

Here's an adventurous tale using Dash-Cam videos as the backbone of the story.


Backstory:  A few months earlier in Georgia, the Surprisor's mother died and Jeffory, the surprisee living in Texas, was on the first flight out to support his long-time friend. it was later discovered that, for sake of his friend in need,  he had forgone front row, center seats to see Luis Miguel.

Months later When the surprisor found 7th row, center seats at a concert near Atlanta, Without telling him why, he asked if Jeffory could fly out for the night (Both worked in the airline industry).  Being a loyal friend, he said yes, tickets were ordered and arrangements were made.

The first half is fun and entertaining while it discloses items used to deceive the surprisee. Did you catch them all?  And the concert video clips are flawlessly seamed together creating its own Music Video, but there's a tender moment in the middle that, without the Dash-Cam, would only be a memory.

Trivia: the plane you see landing at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is actually Jeffory's plane. Another great dash-cam video find! (thanks to the FlightRadar24 App, which can follow any flight)

Being escorted to floor seating and one walking with a cane, they passed the Mariachi practice room and took pictures with one of the band. You see a picture and video of him nodding during the concert (towards the end of the video)

Information listed about the concert stated "no cameras", but thankfully cell phone cameras were indeed allowed. Before the show even started, both realized their phones were flashing "red battery". All the concert video you see (plus more that was not in the final movie edit) made it from one, nearly dead battery.

Because "good seats" were the whole reason for doing this, Disaster almost struck.  there was a seating debacle apparently caused by the internet. They were about to be moved a few rows back and to the far side. Eventually, they were seated one row closer and dead center.

Because Jeffory didn't know why he was coming and only knew he was to spend the night, he made plans to fly back the next morning. The concert was delayed by 2 hours and lasted until well after 1am. He had to take a later flight. Much later. LOL

We love hearing and telling YOUR stories and hope you enjoy Homemade Hollywood's production

Day of Deceit!

Homemade Hollywood.  Marvelous Movies of Your Memories,
"The 61st First"

Setting the Scene: The Birthday Girl turned 61 and had never ridden a train. She was given tickets to ride the "Blue Ridge Scenic Railway". Note the picture of the Conductor with ticket in hand.


The train ridge begins by using a Still Shot of Cheri, and inserting video within the window next to where she sits.


Appropriate music blends with the sounds of the train, some reactions from Cheri, and Historic Information being provided in the First Class Car,


Guests arrive at the state line between Georgia and Tennessee. The dividing marker provides the perfect photo op. We added some fun music and elements to the lunch-time stopver, then share a compeltely different journey for the ride back.


For fun, we added a figure of the "Big Foot" mentioned by the train's narrator, though the guests did not actually see it. and with great footage from the open air car as the train rounds huge curves, we spiced it up with some cinematic music.

At a restaurant that evening, salt seemed to be the main ingredient for the soup. having several pictures of the food, plates, and the salt shaker, we had a little fun making sure Cheri remembers every detail about her special day on the train.

Homemade Hollywood.  There's a Movie in there somewhere!
"Our Amazing Grace"
Because of three special presentations, the family hoped to have their Mother's Funeral Service recorded. In the end, there was only this recorded audio, and very few, barely usable fragments of video. The family compiled some favorite pictures and Homemade Hollywood blended them to create this loving remembrance. Stephen Pyle photography provided the background photos.
Homemade Hollywood.  When there is a story worth telling.
For Mom.
"The First Year, The Last Ornament"
We provide this personal video to demonstrate a Voice-over. 
This is a Narrated, personal Christmas story about Mom, who died earlier in the year. It was created to share with immediate family on the occasion of the First Christmas without her.
Little explanation is neccessary, as most visualizations are taken directly from the narration. But it shows our balance of voice and music. Music that embelishes the story and helps our emotions flow, without distracting from the narration and Story being told.
one "visual" note: She loved Redbirds and kept a feeder next to her window where she spent the vast majority of her time, thus the Redbirds in the snow during the ending sequences. 
Homemade Hollywood.  When there is a story worth telling.
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