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Gallery de la Before & After

A cough distracts from an otherwise beautiful playing of Taps. Hear how we removed the cough, and see how we re-worked the video.



Homemade Hollywood. For moments that matter.

Music is the most effective way to set the tone
style and energy of your movie.
Retouching, Color Correction, Manipulating

Homemade Hollywood.

Making your pictures worth a thousand words.

Sometimes even our best photo attempts need a little attention.

Through mastery of Photoshop, we quickly and effectively correct your shots to the best they can be, thus enhancing any story you tell with beautiful images.

In this example, not only can you now see the subject, but also the detail in the soldier's uniform and the stonework along the ground. Color is corrected and vibrant.

These types of corrections are common when preparing for a Homemade Hollywood Movie, but for those extra-special or severely damaged photographs, please visit our PHOTO RETOUCHING page.

Digi Pics
Video Editing
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