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Be aware of surrounding music and sounds.
Especially when music is prominently audible, try starting & stopping your video clips with phrases in the music. Start just before the downbeat of a phrase, and stop after the downbeat a full measure beyond the phrase.

Or capture the entire song.

If there is a particular sound happening that could potentially be useful, be sure to get it in its entirety, such as a train horn or a church bell.

If not useful, do your best to face the camera away from it.

Remember: When turning away from a sound source, that sound will be proportionately reduced. Likewise when turning towards, it will be increased.

We love having your family provide us some tunes! Drummer, Cellist, bird impressionist... Come one, come all! All types of Music & Sounds can be used as soundtrack, highlighting the mood or sound effects (sFX). We will artfully, tastefully and logically place them throughout your movie.

Another option is to use Local Singers who might be involved with the event, or ask a Pianist, Harpist or any musician to perform songs specifically from the period upon which your movie is based. Give the neighborhood Garage Band a shout-out in the credits in exchange for a few tunes. Everybody wins!

The Soundtrack could also include voice overs and narrations. No matter what, all Sound is uniquely tailored to your presentation based on the Script you write. Remember: We are musicians, too. We expertly sync audio and video.


Add 'scrapbook' items - Scan or take pictures of ticket stubs, announcements, programs, invitations, dried flowers etc. Shoot them in their appropriate setting or choose a blank or Green Screen background.

We cannot stress it enough: Always take Video while holding your camera in the HORIZONTAL/LANDSCAPE position.

Homemade Hollywood can accept Drone and Dash Cam Videos. These make excellent backgrounds for Titles and for "setting the scene".

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A Homemade Hollywood Makeover

is the perfect solution to:

  • Permanently Archive Photos & Videos

  • Create Unique, Personalized Gifts

  • Document Family History

  • Create a digital Family Heirloom

  • Honor a Special Person

  • Celebrate a Special Occasion

For future events, Use the Homemade Hollywood© App, available in the App Store!

Fading, Corroding, Damaged, Bulky Media Reformatted and Enhanced

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Homemade Hollywood.

Lasting impressions of your memories.

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