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BENEFITS. We  make  bad shots  better, and good shots great! Using tricks you learn while Shooting a Movie or suggestions from other Users, you'll naturally capture better media for yourself.

CLICK ME before they fade away!  Imagine your entire media collection

dramatically improved, fully digitized & portable, and artistically archived for generations!

Besides the obvious ways we can help you, such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals, Reunions or Vacations...
Consider these as well

* Stage Plays * Sports Team * Year in Review * Civic Club Socials * Cheerleading Camp * FUNDRAISERS * 


Let us make a Video Business card to share via email or on your Website. We will describe your operation, but better yet, get you noticed.

Or set a tablet next to your register to generate sales while your customer's adrenaline rush is active!

Maybe your Restaurant needs a Video Menu!

Music Videos

Give us your recording and footage. We can help with Green Screen for Special Effects (FX). Then we expertly sync them and create whatever ambiance you wish to project.


Take pictures and short videos while your Clients are making their largest investment. Use Drone footage for the complete Video Tour and greatest effect.. Make it a gift at Closing!

What we do behind the scenes

First and foremost, we are Storytellers. To tell your stories, we want and need your input. Then we must also be experts in various fields such as Video Editing, Photoshop, Audio, Voiceover, Sound Effects, Cinema Scores & Music and Creativity.

So a lot goes on Backstage. While you and your fantastic Crew capture special moments with our App, we are hard at work, cleaning things up, so to speak.

We enhance them or straighten them; we color correct, crop and organize them. We convert videos to common format, set audio levels, and start gathering appropriate musical selections and sound effects.

Then we lay all the items out like a puzzle, and begin putting the pieces together based on the Screenplay we write together (or not).

On these pages you can read, see and hear just a sampling of the makeover treatment we offer for your media for Homemade Hollywood Movies, for your personal photo collection, or both.

Have a look around our studio... and don't be afraid to click!
Navigating the Fly Tower

Besides the Menu and White Gloves

most pages

include some

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Audio Play

Sometimes SoundFX,

Sometimes Music
Look for others!

Music, Sound Design, Soundtracks, Sound Fx

Equally important to Creativity is Technical Expertise. With incredible precision we remove unwanted, distracting sounds, such as a cough during your wedding vows. We produce clean, crisp, robust sound within your movie. We enhance and equalize volume or reverb. We discreetly splice songs or soundtracks so that they fit within selected video timeframes.

Speaking of soundtracks: A Soundtrack seams your movie together and enhances the mood you wish to project. Based on your Script, tastes and suggestions, we select music from our own massive library of music and sound effects (Sfx), or we purchase from sites that maintain a beautiful array of royalty free music with varying genres, instrumentations and styles. Copyrights dictate use of your favorite pop song, but they can sometimes be used with restricted viewing options. Check out our Tips & Tricks page for ideas about creating the perfect soundtrack.

With precision, we make audio the best it can be. But rather than take our word for it, why not listen for yourself? Click HEAR! Tee hee.

Music is the most effective way to set the tone
style and energy of your movie.

A cough distracts from an otherwise beautiful playing of Taps. Hear how we removed the cough, and see how we re-worked the video.



Homemade Hollywood. For moments that matter.

Retouching, Color Correction, Manipulating

Homemade Hollywood.

Making your pictures worth a thousand words.

Sometimes even our best photo attempts need a little attention.

Through mastery of Photoshop, we quickly and effectively correct your shots to the best they can be, thus enhancing any story you tell with beautiful images.

In this example, not only can you now see the subject, but also the detail in the soldier's uniform and the stonework along the ground. Color is corrected and vibrant.

These types of corrections are common when preparing for a Homemade Hollywood Movie, but for those extra-special or severely damaged photographs, please visit our PHOTO RETOUCHING page.

Homemade Hollywood.

The way your Stories should be told.

VIDEO EDITING. It is all about Details & Precision, Craft & Creativity, Emotion & Energy. It is about carefully removing flaws then telling your story with sight and sound. It is creating a flow and improving quality. Video Editing combines art, dialogue, sound  and entertainment with technical expertise, while remaining true to the story being told. And it is what we do best. See how!

Don't forget: Dashcam and Drone video make great additions to your Movies!

Don't forget: Green Screens help create Special Effects. We'll help you!

VIDEO STORYTELLING. Use our one-of-a-kind App to gather media from multiple sources (friends and family) and create a Movie about your Special Event from our Trademark Unlimited Perspectives. With Push Notifications, we send suggestions for specific Shots or remind your crew of upcoming Takes. Based on a Screenplay that we help you write, we Preserve Your Memories in a Homemade Hollywood Movie that captures the full essence of your very Special Occasion.


If they are worth preserving, and we agree that they are, they are worth preserving well.

We specialize in personalized & complete Post-Production Video Editing. In other words, we enhance colors, remove bad shots, enrich audio, then tell your story with depth, perspective and emotion.


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